CSR Message from the top management

T.RAD provides superior heat exchanger products and contributes to the evolution of society and environmental preservation with our technology and services.

In the international community surrounding us, there are many unsolved problems on a global scale such as climate change, natural disasters, widening inequality, poverty and human rights issues.

In response to such situations, ESG (environmental, social and governance) management, which emphasizes the importance of the environment, society and governance, has been drawing attention in recent years. In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and decided that the entire international community should make efforts to achieve the goals.
Aiming for global development, we think we have to appropriately support such efforts.

As for the environment surrounding us, the spread of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is accelerating, and the component-level structures of vehicles are changing dramatically. We understand that these changes are critical risks and yet opportunities for us as a vehicle component manufacturer.

Based on these, we started the company’s 11th Medium-Term Management Plan (T.RAD-11) in April 2018. One of the goals described in the plan is to be “a company trusted by stakeholders.” Safety, quality, the environment, compliance, fairness and transparency are important, and, in particular, compliance is essential in order for us to earn stakeholders’ trust.

As for efforts related to compliance, we make sure to provide employees with education according to their job levels so as to raise awareness of compliance among all employees. In addition, in order to strengthen the legal compliance system, we have been regularly conducting voluntary audits at our bases in Japan and mutual audits between the bases. In 2017, we also started similar activities like those in Japan at overseas subsidiaries, aiming for zero violations of laws and regulations for the entire T.RAD Group.

As for our environmental efforts, we aim to make the sales of environmentally friendly products account for not less than 50% of our total sales by FY 2021. Our definition of environmentally friendly products includes products to support electric/hybrid vehicles, products to support higher gas mileage, and products to support lower gas emissions. We think providing more environmentally friendly products to the market by focusing on research and development toward this goal will demonstrate not only our efforts made for the environment but also our response to the risks and opportunities.

As mentioned above, in order to promote ESG management, we will share value with our stakeholders through our management plan and aim to be the world’s sustainable top heat exchanger manufacturer by making efforts for protecting the global environment and solving social issues through our core businesses.

Hiromi Kano
Chairman & CEO

Tomio Miyazaki
President & COO