Management Philosophy

T.RAD Management Philosophy

T.RAD provides superior heat exchanger products and contributes to the evolution of society and environmental preservation with our technology and services.

T.RAD pursues the continuous prosperity of the company, coupled with happiness of its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the surrounding community.


T.RAD-11 * Corporate Vision

*T.RAD-11: 11th Medium-Term Management Plan

1. A Company that is continuously chosen by its satisfying customers

  1. To provide safe, reliable, and the highest quality products in the industry
  2. To propose distinctive products tailored to meet the needs of customers, the community, and the environment with our evolving heat exchanger technology
  3. To actively propose and expand sales of components used for electric-powered vehicles (EV, HV, PHV, and FCEV)
  4. To create new business opportunities
  5. To establish emergency preparedness

2. A Company trusted by its stakeholders

  1. To provide stable dividend payouts to the shareholders
  2. To grow professionally together with the suppliers
  3. To enrich communication activities with the stakeholders
  4. To contribute to the earth's environment
  5. To ensure thorough compliance

3. A Company that values human resources

  1. To establish safe and secured production activities, aiming at zero labor accidents
  2. To develop human resources through manufacturing
  3. To develop local human resources in the subsidiaries outside Japan
  4. To revolutionize workstyles and improve the workplace environment

4. Achieve stable profitability

  1. To improve productivity
  2. To strengthen the cost competitiveness for purchasing materials
  3. To reduce uncontrolled expenses
  4. To visualize and optimize inventory and reduce inventory errors
  5. To improve operational efficiency using IT

5. 5C+2S: Challenge, Change, Cooperation, Co-creation, Connect + Speed, Share

  1. To create the corporate culture encouraging the challenge for innovation
  2. To initiate activities fearlessly for changes
  3. To communicate and promote cross-departmental collaboration
  4. To design activities prioritizing speed in operations
  5. Evolution from 3C+S: Plus 2C+S(=Co-creation,Connect + Share)
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