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A pioneer of "heat exchange technology" that supports the world economy

As a pioneer of "heat exchange technology" that supports the world economy from the automobile industry, we aim to be the world's No. 1 heat exchanger manufacturer that considers the global environment in anticipation of the electrification era. We also contribute to the global environment and sustainable society with various solutions and services that apply thermal energy conversion technology.

We have been the pioneer creating a field of heat exchangers over 80 years since the establishment of Toyo Radiator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1936, contributing to the development of the automobile industry consequently the Japanese economy. Our products realize high performance and durability having been used for various kinds of machinery for construction/industry/agriculture as well as mainstream models of automobiles/motorcycles in Japan. In addition, our radiators, which enable higher performance of motorcycles, are used worldwide including the biggest market, the ASEAN countries, which demonstrates that we lead the market.


A heat exchange is a device that transfers thermal energy using fluid such as liquid and gas. Heat exchangers such as radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, and EGR coolers are essential devices for automobiles and industrial equipment.

T.RAD's Environmentally Friendly Products-Examples of Heat Exchangers for Hybrid Vehicles

In a heat exchanger, the fluid media is cooled or heated through the metal walls. Such walls are made from aluminum, stainless steel or copper depending on the application and brazed in the best way for each material. The diverse applications of heat exchangers include transport equipment, machinery, facilities, and electronic equipment. The temperature of the fluids can vary from - 50°C to some + 800°C. We have various types of heat exchangers as illustrated on the left, each of which we design applying our best-fit technology so as to contribute to the development of society.


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Heat Exchanger for Automobiles

We deliver our products to major manufactures worldwide
as the leader in the industry.

Heat exchangers for automobiles are our most important product family for our business and also a source of our core competitiveness. The heat exchangers we deliver to the customers include various kinds such as radiators, oil coolers/warmers, charge air coolers, and EGR coolers.

These products are installed in passenger cars ranging from light automobiles to large-size SUVs as well as all kinds of commercial vehicles including trucks and busses. As for electric vehicles, we also deliver more diversified products including low-temperature radiators, inverter coolers, and battery coolers. We aim to realize high performance and durability by establishing the R&D systems by product. Our products are used for mainstream models of automobile manufactures and play key roles worldwide.

  • LLC Chiller
  • Heat Exchanger for Inverter / Battery
  • Compact and High-performance  EGR Cooler
  • Radiator for Hybrid-Vehicle
  • Rectangular-Type CVTF Warmer & Cooler
  • Round-Type CVTF Warmer & Cooler
  • EGR Cooler for Light Truck
  • Water Cooled charge air cooler
  • Oilcooler for Drive Motor
  • Fuel Cooler
  • Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat Recovery
  • Radiator for Auxiliary System

      T.RAD’s proprietary technologies can improve fuel efficiency and reduce the NOx emissions
      ~making a significant contribution to environmental conservation

      T.RAD’s Products for the Environment– Heat Exchangers for Hybrid-Vehicles –
      T.RAD’s Products for the Environment– Heat Exchangers for Hybrid-Vehicles –

      Our new product we are proud of is T.RAD-SMART (SliM and Advanced Radiator Technology), which realizes space saving and high performance to meet our customers’ various needs.

      In addition, EGR Coolers for gasoline vehicles significantly contribute to improvement in fuel efficiencies, while EGR Coolers for diesel vehicles contribute to the reduction of NOx. Our oil coolers and charge air coolers also play important roles in increasing functionalities of vehicles.

      T.RAD’s technologies and agility are proactively leveraged to support the rapid increase in demand of such environmentally friendly products.

      Heat Exchanger for Motorcycles

      T.RAD, the brand leader in radiators for motorcycles

      We are the leading manufacturer of heat exchangers for motorcycles in the world. Our share is more than half in the global market of water cooled radiators for motorcycles. Consequently, our heat exchangers have been dominant as the de facto standard and led the market in terms of functions and performance of heat exchangers for motorcycles. We can also support air-cooled oil coolers and water-cooled oil coolers in addition to radiators.

      • Built-in Radiator for Scooter
      • Trapezoid Shape Curved Radiator for Motorcycle
      • Air Cooled Oilcooler
      • Water Cooled Oilcooler

          Heat Exchanger for Off-Highway Machines

          Our heat exchangers are also used for many machines for construction/industry/agriculture.

          We enjoy extremely high shares in power shovel and forklift markets, and our high performance, compact heat exchangers with high durability are well accepted in the market. We have unique product families including N-ACoM, which is a module consists of radiator, oil cooler, and charge air cooler, EGR coolers for construction machinery engines, and large size aluminum radiator modules for mining machinery.

          • Heat exchanger module for Construction Machinery N-ACoM
          • Sub-Radiator for Hybrid Construction Machinery
          • EGR Cooler for Construction Machinery
          • Charge Air Cooler with High pressure resistance
          • Hydraulic Oil Cooler with High pressure resistance
          • Radiators for Lift-Truck and Agricultural machine
          • Heat exchanger module for Large-size construction machine

              Heat Exchangers for Fuel Cell systems and Heating/Cooling equipment

              With new energy sources emerging,we also evolve our technologies.

              We manufacture and sell heat exchangers for household fuel cell systems (Ene-Farm). Saving energy with these systems contributes to the reduction of greenhouse effect gases such as carbon dioxide. In addition to offering high performance heat exchangers based on our original designs and manufacturing processes which can be realized only by the manufacturer specialized for heat exchangers, we are also making efforts on the development of reforming systems needed to extract the hydrogen from natural gases.This heat exchanger is specified highly flexible so that it can be used for various applications in the system. T.RAD also supply the heat exchangers installed in various heating/cooling equipment for industrial and household use. Highly efficient thermal exchangers leveraging years of our experiences support your daily life in various aspects.

              • Heat Exchanger for Fuel cell system N-FFTex
              • Heat Exchanger for Gas Heat Pump(GHP) system
              • Heat Exchanger for Air-Conditioning system
              • Heat Exchanger for Vending Machine