T.RAD's commitment to the global environment

commitment to "Carbon Neutral"

TRAD aim to achieve "Carbon Neutral" goals in 2050
through all our products and corporate activities.

①Development and supply of heat exchanger products
for the electrification era

Supply various heat exchangers for various power plant

Starting with hybrid vehicles, the automobile industry is making a major shift to electrification such as electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Global electric vehicle sales are expected to increase towards 2050. As a result, wide variety heat exchangers that have never been seen before will be required. Under these circumstances, T.RAD contributes to the development of society with all heat exchangers that respond to the changing times.
No matter how the engine of the car changed, the needs of heat exchangers will not be changed. Even as we enter the era of electrification, T.RAD will continue to expand its playing field as a specialized and independant manufacturer of heat exchangers.

②CO₂ reduction in the manufacturing/transporting process

CO₂ reduction in the manufacturing/transporting process

T.RAD will actively work to reduce CO₂ in all corporate activities, including the product manufacturing and transportation process. We will make company-wide efforts toward "Carbon Neutral", such as the realization of energy-saving factories that utilize natural energy, CO₂ reduction in the entire supply chain, rebuilding of the global production system, and reduction of logitics itself.

Aiming to realize an "energy-saving factory"
- Construction of Hadano No. 3 Factory

We are currently constructing a new Hadano factory as a model for an "energy-saving factory" (scheduled to be completed in March 2022). We are promoting the introduction of air conditioning systems that use groundwater and heat exchangers, including the use of solar power generation, and aim to be a factory that is friendly to both people and nature by using a new air conditioning system that utilizes heat exchange technology.

③Contribute to global CO₂ reduction with T.RAD technology

Provision of CO₂ reduction solutions
based on T.RAD's technology

By applying T.RAD's heat exchange technology, we are working on research and development of new heat energy utilization solutions that utilize natural heat energy and exhaust heat from the equipment. The combination of thermoelectric conversion technology and heat exchanger makes it possible to convert natural energy into electricity and utilize it for air conditioning and hot water supply.

Thermal energy utilization solution applying T.RAD's technology (image)

T.RAD will contribute to global CO₂ reduction by providing these technologies and know-how that we have cultivated as a manufacturing company to the world's small and medium-sized manufacturing and service industries as IT/CO₂ reduction solutions.