Origin of Our Company Name

About T.RAD

We changed our company name to T.RAD in April 2005.
The "T" of T.RAD refers to the following three concepts.

  • ● Toyo: in recognition of our tradition and achievements under our previous name of Toyo Radiator.
  • ● Technology Company: referring to our status as an advanced technology company.
  • ● Thermal Exchange: which is our core technology.
  • ● RADiator:from the first three letters of "radiator," the word that had long been a part of our company name.
  • ● RADiant: also the meaning of "radiant" that is the root word of radiator,
    signifying our hope of becoming a radiant light in our chosen field
    by leveraging our industry-leading heat exchange system technologies
    and making innovative propositions.