CSR Initiatives

CSR Policy

Contributing to the creation of a sustainable society

Established in September 2010

 We (T.RAD CO., Ltd. and its subsidiaries) will contribute to sustainable development in harmony with society and the environment based on T.RAD Management Philosophy. We will also comply with the letter and the spirit of domestic/overseas/international laws and regulations to ensure sound business practices.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Policy

  1. Customers
    We will make efforts to provide our customers with safe, high-quality, and environment-friendly products.
    • We will always strive for safety, security, and customer satisfaction.
    • We will ensure thorough protection of personal information about all those involved in our business.
  2. Employees
    Wishing all employees happiness, we will offer fair working conditions and make efforts to maintain and improve safe and healthy working environment.
    • We will support the self-actualization of our employees through work, workplace, training, and other activities/conditions.
    • We will provide equal employment opportunities and do not accept discrimination.
    • We will respect human rights and share values through sincere dialogue and discussion.
  3. Suppliers
    On the basis of fair and open trade, we will respect our suppliers and make utmost efforts to build strong partnerships to realize mutual growth.
    • We will respect environment /quality standard / laws and regulations, and we will also encourage our suppliers to do so.
  4. Shareholders
    Always taking a long-term perspective, we will make efforts to raise our corporate value and ensure sound management through dialogue.
    • We will report on our business conditions without elaboration, thereby striving for transparency in our management.
  5. Society
    In order to coexist with society, we will place importance on dialogue with local communities.
    • We will respect culture, customs, history, and laws, and make efforts to conduct our business activities based on respecting humanity.
    • We will take an uncompromising stance against antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of society.
    • Environment
      We will make efforts to mitigate the burden on the environment caused by our products or our overall business activities, including development, manufacturing, and selling.
    • Social contributions
      We will contribute to the growth of the community and the creation of an affluent society, independently or in collaboration with our partners.