Environmental activities

Communication with society

Activities in Japan

Kanagawa Prefecture: Cleanup Activities of Kuzuha River

We clean the river to which we drain the factory waste water in cooperation with city officials and local residents.

Factory tour for local elementary school students

At Shiga Works, we conduct factory tours every year to provide elementary school
students with an opportunity for social studies.

School road watch and traffic safety activities

We conduct school road watch with local residents when elementary school students go to school, contributing to local traffic safety activities.

Clean-up activities

We regularly clean up around each factory.

Activities in Asia

Thailand: Tree planting activities

We are conducting tree planting activities.

Indonesia: Separation of garbage to fertilizer

We separate garbage to use raw garbage as fertilizer to grow plants.

Vietnam: Regional clean-up activities

Employees and their families participated in clean-up activities in the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi City, Vietnam with local residents.

Indonesia: Donation to areas suffering from floods

We donated basic necessities such as clothing to people suffering from flood damage in West Java province.

Thailand: Children's Day Event

We participate in children's day event every year and donate stationery / teaching materials etc. to the local elementary school.

Activities in North America

USA: Donation activities to local elementary schools

We donate books to local primary schools.

Biodiversity seminar

T.RAD held a seminar to exchange opinions about how to engage in conservation activities of biodiversity and how to continue / expand them in future, through lectures and panel discussions.

  • Organizer: NPO Yokohama MIRAI Environment Council
  • Sponsor: Kanagawa Prefecture

Shonan Satogawa (community-based river) conservation forum

T.RAD holds forum, where a university, government organization, NPO organization, and corporation who share ecological services of the Kaname River system, give lectures and presentations on conservation / improvement activities.

  • Organizer: Shonan Satogawa (community-based river) conservation group
    (Kaname River basin environment conservation activities organizations etc., Hiratsuka City, Hatano City, Isehara City, and Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Co-sponsor: Tokai University, Graduate School of Human Environment Studies
    Tokai University, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Human Environment Studies, Natural Environment Course
    NPO Tokai University Regional Environment Network

External Assessment

Development Bank of Japan (DBJ)
Environmental Rating

In 2015 T.RAD received DBJ's environmental rating assessment and obtained highest rank A, and a preferential interest rate was applied to the loan.

18th, 19th, and 21st Environmental
Communication Awards
Won Excellence Award in Environmental Report Section

In 2015, 2016 and 2018, T.RAD received Excellence Award in the Environmental Report Section of the Environmental Communication Award
(Sponsor: Ministry of the Environment and Global Environmental Forum)