CSR Initiatives



T.RAD has developed a system through which employees can consult with appropriate staff regarding the questions concerning compliance with laws and regulations in business operation.

All employees working at T.RAD can inquire Compliance Manager who resides at each base or a representative of Internal Audit Dept. at any time.


Whistle blowing system

We have established a system that supports whistle-blowers and provides the consulting services in the case when an employee finds a violation of laws and regulations and/or a highly likely illegal practice.

A whistle blowing can be done by reporting to a compliance manager, or there are alternatives available to make it easier for the whistle-blower to consult with and report to appropriate staff such as direct reporting to Internal Audit Dept. and the Suggestion box as well as a system to report outside lawyers. The company rules stipulate that whistle-blowers shall be protected so that he/she will not suffer any disadvantage.