Management Index

Company's History


Since established in 1936, our company has been developing along with Japan’s economic growth, as a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers by foreseeing ahead of its time.

Amount of Sales

billion yen*1

Our gross turnover in Japan and overseas combined is over 100 billion yen annually. Highly stable management has been realized.※1:FY2020 results

Based in

Hub System
in the world

Having the base in Japan with our joint ventures in Europe, Asia, China and North America, we have established a strong global market system. Such venture companies have also been contributing to modernization of local industry.

Number of Employees

or more

The number of group-wide employees (consolidated) is 4,000 or more. Thus, our business field is extensive around the world.

Employees' Average Age

years old

Even young employees are assigned to large projects depending on their capability. They are able to engage in work at their own discretion.

Number of Engineers


T.RAD has more than 250 engineers who are making efforts for achieving development. At this scale, employees’ proposals can be responded and realized at remarkable speed.

Average Annual Wage

million yen

We support employees' rich life under our corporate philosophy “T.RAD pursues the continuous prosperity of the company, coupled with happiness of its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the surrounding community.”

Holidays in a Year


In addition to five-day workweek, there are various holiday acquisition systems.