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Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers efficiently transfer heat between two liquids of different temperatures.
Through the medium of a metal partition, the heat exchange process can be used for cooling or heating.
We select the material-aluminum, stainless steel, or copper-suited to the application and manufacture heat exchangers using the brazing technique optimal for the material.
The diverse applications of heat exchangers include transport equipment, machinery, facilities, and electronic equipment.
The liquids used can vary in temperature from minus 50°C to around 800°C.
As the illustration shows, there are many types of heat exchangers, each designed with optimized T.RAD technology.
In this way, we have contributed to the development of society.

Products Introduction

  • Heat Exchanger for Automobiles
  • Heat Exchanger for Construction Machine
  • Household Fixed Fuel Cell Systems
  • Products for the Environment
  • This is the first of our core operations.
    The company's competitiveness relies on these products, which mainly include radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers and EGR coolers for buses, trucks, cars and two-wheelers.
    This segment accounts for about 60% of total sales in this business section.
    Each product line is developed by a dedicated R&D group to ensure higher performance and durability, and each is used in the leading models of Japanese automakers.
    Our high-performance, top-class motorbike radiators enjoy extensive use around the world, particularly throughout Southeast Asia, the largest market for these products.
    Our product line also includes radiators composed entirely of aluminum components, a unique design that is not being produced by our competitors. These radiators are highly recyclable and feature significant reductions in both weight and cost compared to existing products.
    Furthermore, our EGR coolers, oil coolers, and intercoolers for gasoline-powered vehicles significantly contribute to improved fuel consumption, and we have made great progress in the reduction of NOx emissions from our EGR coolers for diesel-powered vehicles.
    These products demonstrate a rapid expansion of our environmentally friendly offerings.

  • Our second core business is radiators, oil coolers and intercoolers for excavators, bulldozers and other construction/industrial machinery, as well as for tractors, cultivators and other agricultural machinery.
    This segment accounts for about 25% of total sales in this business section.
    Heat exchangers in these categories must resist vibration and high pressure, and must ensure high performance and reliability even in harsh environments, whether at high or low temperature.
    Our heat exchangers have met these requirements superbly, enjoying a high appreciation among our customers in Japan and overseas.
    In addition, our heat exchangers address environmental conservation by meeting emission regulations and are increasingly made of aluminum to make them lighter and lead-free for easier maintenance.
    We have already achieved these advanced features with our new radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers for hydraulic.
    In addition, we supply "N-ACoM(below picture)" worldwide, whish is one unit system module with various heat exchangers.
    We will continuously expand the range of products to better serve the specific applications of the machinery and meet the needs of the market.

  • We manufacture and sell high-performance, compact heat exchangers for household fixed fuel cell systems.
    Through their energy-efficient operation, we help to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Global warming could have a serious impact on the global environment.
    In order to prevent this from occurring, it is the global challenge of the 21st century how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.
    Our company is strongly committed to the development, proposal and sales of high-performance heat exchangers which are considered as a key technology for clean energy development with a view to creating a new life and future for all people in the world.

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Heat ExchangerHeat Exchanger for AutomobilesHeat Exchanger for Construction MachineHousehold Fixed Fuel Cell SystemsProducts for the Environment