Corporate Information

Brief History

1936November 11 Toyo Radiator Co., Ltd., predecessor of today's T.RAD Co., Ltd. established.
1940Nagoya Works operation begins.
1960Hatano Works operation begins. Technical Research Center opens.
1969Listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Youkaichi Works, which later became Shiga Works, operation begins.
1985Nagoya Works Higashiura factory operation begins.
1988T.RAD North America Inc. established.
1990TORC Co., LTD. established.
1997TATA Toyo Radiator Ltd. established.
1999T.RAD(Thailand)Co., Ltd. established.
2000T.RAD North America Inc. Aluminum Div. operation begins.
2002T.RAD(Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. established.
2004T.RAD Czech. s.r.o. established.
2005April 1 Toyo Radiator Co., Ltd. renamed T.RAD Co., Ltd.
Quindao Toyo Heat-Exchanger Co., Ltd. established.
2008P.T. T.RAD Indonesia established.
TRM LLC established.
2012T.RAD(Changshu)Co., Ltd. established.
T.RAD(VIETNAM)Co., Ltd. established.