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Message from the President

取締役社長 嘉納 裕躬

取締役社長 嘉納 裕躬

Hiromi Kano

President Hiromi Kano

In 2016, the world was faced with growing uncertainty, particularly with regard to Brexit, the US presidential election and North Korea. At the same time, the risks and challenges surrounding our company became increasingly complex and changed rapidly. We are now required to keep a keen eye on these changes and respond flexibly in order to ensure our sustainable growth.

In this harsh business environment, we regard CSR activities as an essential part of our company.

This is because we believe that incorporating CSR activities in our management forms the foundation that enables sustainable corporate growth, no matter what the situation, and this belief is also reflected in our management principles.

Our Medium Term Business Plan (T.RAD-10) defines our two major strategic objectives as “being a reliable company trusted by stakeholders” and “global growth.”

Firstly, in order to be trusted by our stakeholders, we understand that safety, compliance, quality, environment and managerial transparency are important issues that need to be addressed. In particular, compliance is vital to our trustworthiness.

In 2016, we established the T.RAD Code of Conduct. We believe that we can build our stakeholders’ trust in us and increase our corporate value when all employees observe this code of conduct. Furthermore, our company has also been providing compliance education to employees on an ongoing continued basis to allow each one of them to improve their CSR awareness, in addition to implementing mutual legal compliance audits between different sites within the company each year, which has also produced positive results.

In the area of risk management, we have begun to simulate increasingly critical scenarios in our training, in line with our business continuity plan (BCP), in response to the growing risk of the predicted Nankai Trough earthquake. In 2016, we introduced a tool to enable post-disaster communication between directors and local employees even during the night or weekends, in addition to a safety confirmation system.

With regard to “global growth,” about 50% of our sales are accounted for by our overseas sites. The year 2016 also saw the establishment of our third site in China, T.RAD (CHANGSHU) R&D CENTER CO., LTD. As an R&D center developing heat exchangers for our important customers in the construction machinery- and automobile-related industries in China, the company is expected to work to capture this huge market. Our products of strategic importance, whose global sales we aim to increase, include environmentally-friendly products that can make significant contributions to enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing NOx emissions of cars, such as casingless oil coolers, EGR coolers and water-cooled intercoolers. These are priority areas for our R&D activities and market launches. The materials used in these products also meet international standards such as the RoHS directive and the REACH law, and are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment.

In this way, our company aims for sustainable growth through its CSR-oriented management strategy. One thing that I say repeatedly to our employees is that they should act in the spirit of Challenge, Change, Cooperation and Speed.

Upholding this spirit, we will continue to strive in the future to achieve further growth as a global company while sharing our values with stakeholders.